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Interior design offices of foreign companies in Vietnam

There are differences and novelties with Interior design offices of foreign companies in Vietnam. Creating a working space for foreign businesses in Vietnam is really different. That difference comes from all factors in the working process, interior products to style. Explore it with TOPDESIGN through this article to better understand this issue.

1. Demand for Interior design offices of foreign companies in Vietnam

For foreign businesses in Vietnam, they are clearly aware of the meaning of office design and construction. From the most visible benefits like having a beautiful workspace. The workspace is arranged scientifically. A work environment is meticulously groomed to ensure the health of their employees. Above all, the design also opens the door to perfection in matters related to creativity. And also the soft power of the business in front of partners and customers.

Because of that, they are not too strict in the cost of office design consulting to design workspaces. They know very well the long-term benefits and value in each design that is offered. For them, creativity and class are the first two factors that determine the space.

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In general, foreign companies are willing to spend a large amount of money on space creation. This opens up huge opportunities for companies that design workspaces. The opportunity to create high-class offices is completely open. No longer constrained by cost, the designer’s creativity can now unleash its full potential.

2. Interior design offices of foreign companies in Vietnam is different and disruptive

You may be familiar with the stamped image of domestic workspaces. With gray tones with long desk systems and medium furniture. Occasionally, we will weave a few bonsai systems to create green for the workspace. There is very little specialization in the working corners. And it also lacks a lot of the colors that stimulate creativity, which is important to create efficiency.
We have seen and admired the workspaces of GOOGLE, of FACE BOOK, etc. Foreign corporations always know how to create a desirable workspace. They don’t use traditional or over-the-top designs. Also don’t put too much emphasis on their brand identity. They use the flexibility of color to create innovative spaces.
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The same goes for FDI enterprises or foreign corporations in Vietnam. They do not put too much emphasis on branding or space saving in design. The workspace will always be put in eye-catching colors to create creativity in work. They will not hesitate to choose a different and innovative style for their office. The more creative the better, the more improvised space you can create. For them, the workspace is a place to spark the imagination and creativity of employees.
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3. Office design unit for foreign companies in large corporations

Pioneering with high-class office interior design products in Vietnam. TOPDSIGN is a prestigious brand trusted by foreign businesses. The proof is that TOPESIGN has implemented the design and construction of offices for large corporations. Like Unilever, Swarovski, embassies in Vietnam, … with the most beautiful office models.

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