Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out

Mistakes to avoid when kindergarten interior fit-out

Kindergarten interior design and kindergarten interior fit-out is an important task with lots of responsibilities. There are a number of considerations in terms of safety, environmental, colour etc. The designers and owners who decided to do the renovation have to make sure they exceed licensing standards and certain tips keep the children comfortable and safe.

As there are so many rules and tips available all around, sometimes it’s easy to miss out or make mistakes. Today, we want to share with you the Top 5 Mistakes Made in the Kindergarten Interior Design, so you can avoid them.

1. Do not hire contractors kindergarten interior fit-out

Remember, you need a plan. Having a designer is important for a renovation job. The professionals can suggest to you the most suitable design according to the space and existing building design.

Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out 1

It’s another saying if you are a designer but a professional designer who possesses the design skills and knowledge had the training to execute drawings, design plans, deal with carpenters and contractors to complete a proper procedure in your kindergarten interior design.

Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out 2

A good designer also has a working knowledge of ergonomics building design space, materials, and costs, plus a wonderful design sense. They are capable of doing practical design and solve design problems both functional and aesthetically satisfying. They can bring your vision to mission, so getting a pro is always your best option.

2. Kindergarten interior fit-out – Not following standards for children

We should recognize the children’s needs instead of following the adult standard because the space is for them not for us. Besides, the children know what they like, what colour they want, and more.

Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out 3

Let them participate in the design process, involve the children in your kindergarten interior design. You can offer a few options to them. For example, you can ask, “choose which one of the two colours you like”. Children will have a sense of involvement in this classroom design and they will feel a lot better.

If following the adult standards, we forget about children’s visual horizons and we make mistakes.

3. Kindergarten interior fit-out – Not paying attention to acoustics in the interior space

Poor acoustical design can result in excessive noise that is disruptive to the learning process and may negatively affect speech perception, student behaviour, and educational outcomes . Suitable acoustical design in classrooms and learning spaces improve speech clarity and limit background noise.

Poor acoustics can affect students, teachers and have a great negative impact on the learning process. So, make sure you are paying attention to acoustics in the kindergarten interior design, to enhance concentration and increase productivity. Installing sound-absorbing material can have a huge impact on reducing the overall decibel count of your classroom.

4.  Kindergarten interior fit-out – Not interested in outdoor space

To complete an architectural composition, it is necessary to deal with both inner and outer space and to make a good connection between them. Sometimes, when you focus too much on interior space and forgot the outdoor space would create a sense of imbalance.

Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out 5

A designer can be inspired to match the outdoor elements, such as a playground, nursery, with indoor spaces. With professional training and experiences as an interior designer, we will provide you valuable input in beautifying exterior spaces too.

5.  Kindergarten interior fit-out – Furniture selection

Kindergarten furniture should ensure the child’s confidence and safety. Child-sized furniture fosters independence and allows children to learn and grow. Considering children’s independence to do their things on their own, such as wash their hands, have their own meal, child-sized furniture allows children to do that.

Impossible mistakes when kindergarten interior fit-out 6

Ensure furniture is in proportion with the child’s height and sturdy enough for them. It’s important to choose furnishings that are scaled for a child to reduce the risk of an injury. Minimize the quantities of furniture in the classroom so that teachers can maximize the seating arrangement and student engagement.

6. Project introduction – Kindergarten interior fit-out

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