Prestigious, professional office interior design in Hanoi | TOPDESIGN

Prestigious, professional office interior design in Hanoi | TOPDESIGN

TOPDESIGN is the leading office interior design company in Vietnam, with the goal of help companies to increase performance by creating workplaces that embrace their own differences. In big cities like Hanoi, the number of intellectual workers accounts for the majority. Therefore, working time in the office takes up the majority of the time. That is why the interior design for office in hanoi is very important. Why? Join us to find out the reasons and how to design an office in Hanoi through the content of the article below.

1. About TOPDESIGN – Interior design for office in hanoi

With the focus on office interior design, the goal of TOPDESIGN is to bring customers to great experience in service quality, working spaces that are both different, creative, effective and suitable to the budget set.

Prestigious, professional office interior design in Hanoi | TOPDESIGN

In Hanoi, For over 10 years of development, with a dynamic, creative, experienced team, TOPDESIGN has created more than 600 projects about office interior design  for customers from different fields, such as Finance – Banking, Technology, FMCG, Garment, Logistic,… 90% of TOPDESIGN’s clients is large-sized enterprises, multinational corporations. The trust and satisfaction of customers not only come from our capacity and staff, but also from the spirit of creativity, difference, innovation, always oriented to efficiency through optimal exploitation and reflection inherent characteristics of customers.

2. Interior design for office in hanoi – The importance of office design in Hanoi

Interior design for office in hanoi in particular and office interior design in general is very important, for the following reasons:

2.1. Interior design for office in hanoi – Impact on work performance

It is easy to see that the workspace greatly affects the process as well as the work performance. You try to compare if you work in a messy, unorganized, scientific, reasonable environment, you will definitely have difficulty concentrating. On the contrary, if you work in a tidy environment, the interior is arranged reasonably and aesthetically, you will be more focused and your work performance will be much better.

Prestigious, professional office interior design in Hanoi | TOPDESIGN 2

2.2. Interior design for office in hanoi – Impact on building the image of the business

Office interior design not only helps improve work efficiency but also helps build a beautiful image for the business. Businesses with beautiful, eye-catching, attractive, scientific and appropriate designs will easily attract the attention of partners and customers.

In addition, it is also highly appreciated, as a stepping stone in the development process of the company. The way the office design will reflect the working style of the place and show the personality of the business owner.

Prestigious, professional office interior design in Hanoi | TOPDESIGN 3

That’s why it’s so important to build an image for your business. The design for each office will be determined by many factors, for example: The field of activity, the destiny of the business owner, personality, interests, …

2.3. Interior design for office in hanoi – Impact on employee engagement

Stepping into a well-designed environment will make you happy to work, creating excitement. Therefore, they will want to stay with the company for a long time.

3. TOPDESIGN’s collection of Interior design for office in hanoi

TOPDESIGN is not only a unit specializing in interior design for high-class apartments, villas, but has successfully constructed office interior design projects. Let’s take a look at some outstanding projects:

3.1. Interior design for office in hanoi – Pasco office interior design (Pasco Office)

With a total area of ​​180m2, address at Viet Duc Complex, Hanoi, our architects have successfully implemented interior design in this office in 2020.

By creativity, the office furniture system is uniquely designed, eye-catching, completely different from other types of offices. Each area is allocated in a scientific and reasonable manner, ensuring aesthetics. All create inspiration for everyone, improve the company’s work performance.

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See more projects at the link:

Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng Pasco (Pasco Office)

3.2. Interior design for office in hanoi – Interior design of shared office

Shared office is built for the purpose of subleasing. That’s why interior design is so important. An attractive, eye-catching space, ensuring to bring into full play its functions and create excitement for certain activities to attract tenants.

When we design, we will be based on the needs of the customer as well as the actual area needed to design to give the most reasonable advice.

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See more projects at the link: Campus Shared Office – K

3.3. Office interior design MHD

With a total design area of ​​up to 490m2, we decided to choose Indusstrial style combined with Minimalist to design, bringing a new, modern, simple and healthy space. At the same time, it breaks the tension, restraint, and secret that exist in the office.

In addition, helping to make the most of the space, while ensuring each individual has a private space to work.

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See more projects at the link:

Thi công nội thất văn phòng MHD

3.4.  High-class- office design Stavian Holding Offices

With the outstanding development of the company, the investor did not hesitate to invest in the project of high-class office interior design – Stavian Holding Offices on the 4th and 5th floors at Century Tower, Time City Hanoi. . The project is invested on a large scale with an area of ​​up to 2400m2 as well as factors to ensure the quality and brand of the project are international.

Stavian Holding Offices project has been designed for open workspaces, which is one of the very popular design trends in high-end office furniture today.

Because the open workspace is not only highly effective in connecting employees more and more firmly, but it also helps the office become more scientific and seamless, but no less sophisticated. and luxury.

View more projects:

Thiết kế văn phòng cao cấp Stavian Holding Offices sang trọng, hiện đại



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