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Interior construction general contractors – TOPDESIGN

Construction general contractor is a contractor that signs a contract directly with the investor to receive a contract, some types of work or the entire work of a construction investment project. Accordingly, Interior construction general contractor is the contractor that directly concludes the contract with the investor to receive the interior items contractor. Clarifying the contents of the following article

1. Types of interior construction general contractors

Interior general contractor is a contractor that directly signs a contract with the investor to accept one or several types of work or the entire job of the interior construction project.

General contractor includes main forms such as:

  • Interior design general contractor
  • General contractor for interior construction works
  • General contractor for interior design and construction
  • General contractor to design, supply furniture, materials and interior construction works.

interior construction general contractors

2. The main work of the general contractor for interior construction

The main job of the interior contractor is to turn monotonous and unsightly spaces into ideal spaces, perfectly beautiful and in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Therefore, the general contractor usually performs the following tasks:

  • Directly survey the space, listen to the requirements of the investor to advise on the appropriate style and interior design plan.
  • Interior design for space
  • Interior construction
  • Production and installation of furniture for the project.

interior construction general contractors3. Why should you choose to sign a contract with interior construction general contractors for your project?

The selection of a general contractor for interior design and construction brings optimization in the process of project implementation and completion of the work by the following advantages:

  • Optimizing human resource costs for project and construction management
  • Increasing the efficiency of cash flow for the investor, due to the shortened project schedule and the initiative in all stages.
  • Consulting on construction methods and materials suitable to the investor’s capital.
  • Centralize project management through a single focal point, which is General Contractor Manchio, then, the investor does not have to waste time arranging and linking contractors in the operation of projects and works.
  • Take the initiative in organizing, supervising and coordinating progress, construction safety and quality of the entire project or work on behalf of the investor.
  • Share solutions to reduce risks during construction with investors.

interior construction general contractors

4. Responsibilities of the interior construction general contractors

General interior contractor is responsible for the means and construction design methods used in the process of finishing the interior of the work. In addition, they must also be responsible for supervising, managing and urging to complete the interior works on schedule and ensure safety during construction. At the same time, the general interior contractor is responsible for providing all necessary materials, furniture, labor and services.

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In order to fulfill the above responsibilities, in the case of large projects and contracts of great value, usually interior general contractors have the following responsibilities and obligations:

  • Continue to sign contracts with subcontractors to ensure the quality and timely performance of the contract.
  • Make and negotiate with the investor on the schedule of implementation of construction stages and construction items, payment plan of the contract, interior construction costs
  • Organizing the operation and management of construction works to avoid waste; use, protect the ground and maintain security and order at the construction site. Subcontractors must comply with the operating direction of the general contractor.
  • Organize the procurement and supply of materials, equipment and furniture according to the requirements and progress signed in the general contractor contract.
  • Organize the quality management system and ensure the quality of the works to comply with regulations on construction quality management and contract agreements.
  • Supervising, coordinating and managing activities at the construction site, the public ensures labor safety, security and order, fire and explosion prevention, and implements measures to ensure environmental hygiene.
  • Carrying out testing, adjustment, synchronous commissioning and commissioning of construction works and handing over completed works to investors according to contractual agreements and state regulations.
  • Carry out the construction warranty according to the provisions signed in the contract, take responsibility before the law and before the investor for the quality and progress of the work, including the parts of the work performed by the subcontractors. . At the same time, they must make material compensation for the damage caused by their fault.

5. TOPDESIGN – Professional and comprehensive interior design and construction general contractor

Above, the article has provided you with useful information to help you understand the general contractor for interior construction of the villa as well as know how to choose a reputable general contractor to own the best quality works. TOPDESIGN provides a comprehensive and professional solution in completing projects for investors with outstanding advantages:

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